Специальности колледжа

It is a "technical college" that is in the following specialties:

1. “Economics and Accounting”

Qualification - an accountant
Duration of training -2 years and 10 months (based on 9 classes)

The choice of this specialty is due to modern market requirements. If you are an accountant, you’ll need it.

Career: banking system, tax inspectorate, tax police, financial institutions.

Extract from the working curriculum of the specialty 02.02.01

2. “Maintenance and repair of road transport”

Qualification - technician
Training period - 2 years and 10 months (based on 11 classes)

Car service is currently the most dynamically developing service industry. There are a number of job offers.

Career: activities at various service stations, dealer centers, salons, leasing, auditing enterprises.

Extract from the working curriculum of the specialty 02/23/03

3. “Operation of transport equipment and automation (by types of transport, except water transport)”

Qualification - technician-electrician
Training period - 3 years and 10 months (based on 9 classes)

Graduates of the tram depot, trolleybus parks, non-state transport companies. Possible positions for labor activity - mechanic, electrician, electrician. Repair equipment and automation equipment. The salary level of recent graduation is the average.



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